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Caribbean Restaurants

Below we wish to highlight some fine Caribbean eateries .....

Trinidad - Nathans Grill

Finest Place to eat in Trinidad. Self Service and pay by the weight. Amazing value and superb food. Eat there now, its cheaper than eating at home. Next to Hot Shoppe on Mucarapo Road

Trinidad - Wings Roti Shop

The only place to get Boneless Goat roti, what more do you need to know? Somewhere in east I can never find the place

Trinidad - Hot Shoppe

Boneless Chicken, Bodi, and Channa, take a ticket and wait, then devour. Mucarapo Road next to Nathans Grill. They also do travel packs for those going overseas

Trinidad - Sharky Burgers

Wait whilst Sharky makes 40 burgers simulataneously, wraps them, and hands them out, then drive home, and wake up confused not knowing how many burgers you ate

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